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Library Card

02-books.JPGTo be eligible to receive a library card, you must present one of the following forms of identificaton:

  • A valid North Carolina driver's license (see N.C. Gen. Stat. 20-7) or valid North Carolina identification card with current Brunswick County address.
  • A deed or tax receipt for property in Brunswick County, plus proof of permanent address.
    (If applicant does not have documentation available, library staff can verify with phone call to tax office.)
  • Proof of employment in Brunswick County, plus proof of permanent address.
  • Medicaid card showing current Brunswick County address.

The signature and identification of a parent or legal guardian is necessary for young persons (ages 5 - 17) who do not have a valid North Carolina identification card. Children 5 years old and up may get a library card with parent's signature and identification.

Temporary Library Card

Seasonal or part-time residents of Brunswick County may obtain a library card by doing the following:

  1. Showing proof of permanent address;
  2. Showing proof of local address;
  3. Paying a user fee of $25.

A temporary library card is valid for 12 months and may be used to borrow (at one time):

  • Unlimited paperbacks (uncataloged), plus
  • 3 cataloged books; OR
  • 1 audio or video cassette.

Although the Library cannot lend materials to persons visiting for less than one month, everyone is invited to enjoy the resources within the library building, including books, magazines, newspapers, computers, reference services, and children's programs.

The library card policy was prepared by the Brunswick County Library Board's library card policy committee, and approved by the Library Board in regular session on October 25, 1993.


Services Available

Each library offers for checkout to library card holders in good standing:

  • Books (21-day period; 7-day period for high-demand titles)
  • Magazines (7-day period)
  • Videos & DVDs(2-day period)
  • Audiobooks (Books on Cassette and Books on CD) (14-day period)
  • Music CDs (7-day period)

All items may be renewed ONCE. Call any of the five branches to renew by phone.


Computer Use Policy

All five branches offer computer access with Internet, word processing, and educational games for children. You do not have to have a library card to use a computer.

Internet access is free to adults who sign the Library's acceptable use agreement. Parental permission is required for children. Library card holders must have a clear account in good standing to use the computer.

Computers are shut down half an hour before closing each day.

The user is responsible for everything he or she prints; printouts cost 20 cents in black & white, 25 cents in color (where available).

Thanks to an award of the Bill And Melinda Gates Grant, the library has even more computers available for public use!